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June 20, 2024

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    Years ago, I started to document and discuss the joys and trials of raising my kids to love themselves and others. Since then, I’ve journeyed from a cookie-cutter approach to homeschooling... to discovering the magic of using my “special sauce” to create an inclusive and culturally rich home learning environment. I write and speak about including diverse voices in traditional curricula and infusing culture and heritage into the home and beyond. And when asked about my path, I like to smile and say, “In my house, Charlotte Mason has an afro.”

    Amber O'Neal Johnston

    Keynote Speaker

    for 2024

    What you get:

    A full day of brilliant educators sharing the tools of the teaching trade. Your co-op deserves high quality, worthwhile classes.

    What is it all about?

    In the liberal arts classroom, we have all struggled with developing the skills necessary to bring the important concepts home. Have you ever worried about the books you choose for your students to read? Do you feel intimidated by leading a book discussion? Do you wish you had the skills to incorporate the stories of diversity in your classroom?

    Maybe you see your goal clearly, but struggle with how to reach that goal. We've been there! That is why we are gathering brilliant educators for this online conference to help perfect our skills.

    This year, The Art of Teaching, is pleased to present speakers who are outstanding in their field. They are ready to bring instruction, insight, and information to you and your students.

    Keynote Speaker: Amber O'Neal Johnson will start the day speaking about "Teaching Hard History with Beautiful Books"

    Second Presenter: We are excited to have Rachel DeMille's presenting on "Using Mentoring in the Classics to lead Effective Colloquia"

    Third Presenter: Dixie Leadership Academy students and Brenda Haws will present on "Transformational Discussions for Students"

    Final Presenter: Audrey Rindlisbacher will close out the day by speaking on "Principle Centered Learning Skills"

    Lunch Breakout Sessions are new this year. Each participant can choose an interactive session to join while enjoying their lunch. The options include:

    1. Book Talk with Amber O'Neal Johnston on her book A Place to Belong: Raising Kids to Celebrate Their Heritage, Community, and the World
    2. "Neurographic Drawing" with Ann Ferguson
    3. "Using Commonplace Books" with Diannalynn Claridge
    4. New Curriculum Showcase

    Join us on June 20 from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST as we learn how to Teach With Beautiful Books and Super Skills. For the all day event, the cost is $55 per person. This early-bird price is good through May 15th. After that, that price increases to $65.

    Group rates are available upon request - email [email protected] for more information.

    Register today!